Closet Systems Vail

Those fortunate enough to call gorgeous Vail home know the quaint mountain village is an example of a well-planned system centered around a common activity. Likewise, the homes of Vail should be the same. While aesthetic beauty and solid construction are the bedrock of good design, homes cannot function without an efficient system planned out with specific goals in mind. At California Closets Vail, we have been helping our clients achieve harmony in their homes for nearly three decades. It all starts with simple solutions from Vail closet systems.

Experience the Simplicity of Vail Closet Systems

Closets of some form are in virtually every room in the house and contain many different types of items. Each closet will function best when a proper Vail closet system is in place, adjusted for each room.

Attics and Basements

Basically, these rooms are large closets in and of themselves, which means the duties of the actual closets within them can get compounded. Vail closet systems will create designated spaces for boxes of old toys, costumes and fitness equipment and help you avoid afternoons spent pawing through dusty piles in effort to locate needed items like sports equipment.


Do you share a closet with a spouse or sibling and have found that drawing a line down the middle is ineffective at keeping your items separate? Vail closets systems will devise a plan for effectively dividing the space for the two of you without compromising anyone’s space. With an impressive set of plans to break of up space in your closet with cabinets, shelves and racks, Vail closet systems can be adjusted to fit everyone’s needs.


Your prized skis and fashionable snow clothes don’t belong in overstuffed and overlooked in the garage. They belong in specially built cabinets and wall-mounted racks for maximum accessibility. Utilize the options of Vail closet systems to relegate specific sports equipment and apparel into their own space of the garage.

Vail Closet Systems: A Well-Oiled Machine

Stop letting clutter overrun your closet by choosing groundbreaking solutions from California Closets Vail. Call today to start planning your own Vail closet system!