Take Your Closet to the Next Level with Vail Closet Organizers

It doesn't matter if your closet is tiny or huge — if it isn’t organized well, you’ll have a difficult time storing, sorting and finding everything that you need. California Closets Vail is the Vail area’s leading designer and manufacturer of custom closet organizers. We manufacture our closet organizers from the highest quality materials and employ experienced craftsmen to assemble them. While the benefits of having custom closet organizers in your home are many, without seeing them yourself it can be difficult to picture just how they can fit into your personal closet. Below, our team of professional closet organizers shares a few reasons why custom closet organizers and other personalized storage systems can change your home and your life.

Designed For You To Fit Your Closet

Just like people, every closet is unique. Whether the closet is in the garage, hallway, or bedroom, it needs to be adaptable and able to store what you need, when you need it. Closet organizers from California Closets in Vail make it easy to make any closet the ideal closet for your needs.

Most store-bought storage units aren’t designed with the unique needs of Vail skiers in mind. Closet organizers help make the perfect closet for all of your ski equipment. Nothing is worse than coming home from a day of skiing, only to puzzle over where you can store your cold, wet skiis without dirtying up your home. If you have a closet in your garage or hallway, closet organizers can be designed to give your closet a dedicated ski rack while still leaving plenty of space to store your jackets, gloves, and all of your other ski equipment. No more leaving your skis leaning against the side of your house to dry, only to freeze over in the night! Closet organizers can even be used to hybridize a closet and make it easily ready to store both skiis and snowboards with ease. Custom closet organizers can be designed with special drawers, cabinets or shelves specifically for snow gear, with built-in separators to keep your under-layers organized. Custom-designed shoe racks can also be designed to conform to your lifestyle, and if that means more room for boots, so be it!

Winter brings a need for certain seasonal equipment that homes in more temperate climates never need to store, which only makes your closet organization that much more important. Closet organizers can make a hallway closet the perfect place to store snow shovels and firewood in a way that makes them easily accessible in the winter, but hidden and out of the way during the warmer months.

Even children can benefit from closet organizers, as they're a fun, kid-friendly way to start your child on the path towards an organized future. Closet organizers from California Closets are available in a variety of fun colors, making your child's closet look fun and inviting. Teaching your child how to use closet organizers to store all of his or her toys, books, and clothes helps your child to keep a cleaner room, which makes it easier for you to keep the whole house clean and tidy! Organization is an important skill for everyone to learn — give your child an early start with closet organizers from California Closets in Vail.

We could talk forever about how closet organizers can help you to live a more tidy, efficient life, but we can't leave out one of the best benefits of closet organizers: they make your closet look amazing. Starting the day with ease thanks to an organized and stylish closet makes your morning that much brighter, and coming home to a tidy home after a long day at work or on the slopes makes it that much easier to relax.

Custom Closet Organizers by California Closets Vail

Begin your custom closet experience today with Vail’s leading designer and manufacturer of personalized storage solutions, California Closets Vail. Schedule a free in-home design consultation online or come in and visit our showroom in Edwards to learn more about how California Closets can transform your bedroom closet, garage storage system, home office and more.