TV Armoire Tips

The whole point of TV armoires is that when you want, you can hide away your TV screen. However, if you’ve ever been to a cheap motel, you know that TV Armoires can ruin the classic feel of a room just as easily as the TV that it is attempting to hide.

5 Tips for Keeping Your TV Armoire from Being Tacky

  1. Wooden swinging doors can block side viewing angles for television screens and suggest that you have just lugged your TV into an old bookshelf. Pocket doors and other types of doors that hide themselves after opening simply look better and give the impression that the TV armoire is being used for its intended purpose.
  1. Extra shelves can go a long way into making your TV armoire not look tacky. With shelving on either side of the main screen cabinet you can avoid making your TV armoire just look like a TV storage box instead of a real piece of furniture.
  1. Consider a corner design. Corner TV armoires are more space efficient and don’t dominate rooms with smaller furniture.
  1. Hide exposed cables or avoid them in the first place. There’s no point in hiding your television screen if there are a bunch of cables running to it from across the floor. Run cables along the wall floor and cover with rubber cord covers, or even better, place the TV armoire in front of the needed outlets and jacks to avoid the problem altogether.
  1. Make sure your TV armoire matches the room furniture both in size and style. There’s no need to have a giant unsightly cabinet sticking out from the wall and affecting the room’s feel.

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