Turlock Custom Cabinets

When you partner with California Closets Turlock on custom cabinets you are making a decision to support your community. Every wood panel and door handle are made right here in the Stanislaus County manufacturing facility. Not only are you are getting world-class customized products but you are also keeping you business local.

Custom Cabinets in Turlock: Born Out of a Philosophy of Customization

When California Closets emerged as a major player in the home organization industry over 3 decades ago the formula was simple: don’t follow a formula and let each product take a shape of its own. The rejection of generic design continues to define the work of the company today.

Custom design has several advantages:

1. Building the closets, shelves and cabinets you need, right into the structure of your house, will ensure a seamless transformation to you house as if the luxurious and sophisticated storage had always been there. You avoid edges that jut out into the hallway or disproportional closets crowding a room. 

2. Your Turlock custom cabinets team will design the appearance of the product based on your aesthetic taste. No need to compromise on accent, or trim, color or configuration. Every thing is customizable.

3. In terms of storage efficiency and functionality custom truly takes home the crown. Turlock custom cabinets success stories come when a mess of a garage is after a makeover able to hold a car or two. If it is a kitchen you have invested in then a new system will feel like having gain and extra arm – cooking and cleaning will be significantly easier. 

Your Turlock Custom Cabinets Destination

Turlock custom cabinets are born from collaboration between customer and designer. Schedule a free consultation through the website or via a phone call today!