Garage Storage Solutions in Tulsa

Although Oklahoma is located in the American South, Tulsa draws cultural influences from the Midwest, Southwest and traditional Native American cultures. Stemming from the city’s unique diversity, Tulsans are always given lots of choices and enjoy considering all of their options. Whether it’s a choice between listening to rocker Eric Clapton (who was heavily influenced by the Tulsa Sound) and country superstar Garth Brooks (who began his musical career here) or a choice between watching horse racing at Fair Meadows and watching a University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane basketball game, the choices facing Tulsans are empowering. California Closets Tulsa, the leading provider of custom garage storage in Oklahoma has a few tips and choices of its own to offer Tulsans considering a garage remodel or redesign.

California Closets Simplifies Garage Storage

We understand that you might be constantly bombarded with garage storage options to the point where it might even seem a little overwhelming. California Closets Tulsa gives a breakdown of the most popular and practical garage storage options for residents of Tulsa:

Wall Mounted Racks
Wall mounted racks have become more popular in the past few years for the same reason that pegboards have been standard in storing tools for so long: flexibility. These, sturdy, installed racks stay put and are built to hold hooks, shelves and tool or item specific racks like for things like water skis, skateboards or shovels. As the items in your garage storage change, you can remove, replace and rearrange hooks and shelves very easily and without the need to use any tools at all.

Ceiling Storage and Lofts
Hanging units for tubs and boxes are a great way to store infrequently used items out of the way in a space-efficient way. When the seasons change, you can use garage storage to store away seasonal items like holiday decorations that only get in the way 11 months out of the year. Options for ceiling storage in your garage run from wooden lofts to pulley systems, and should be planned in consultation with an expert.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets
Although slightly less efficient and flexible than other options, wall-mounted cabinets are more pleasing to the eye than rows of junk boxes or dirty tools. Unlike shelves, cabinets provide an extra layer of organization for separation of different items. They also do a much better job protecting your items from the elements, light, and insects.

One of the most simple garage storage solutions is wall shelving units. Shelves offer easy accessibility and, depending on what type of box or tub storage you use, make it very easy to visually take stock of what you have in our garage and where it is located. Make sure to minimize the vertical space between your shelves to discourage over-stacking of items or boxes that could lead to accidents and falling items in your garage.

A Tulsa-Style Solution for Tulsa Garage Storage

California Closets Tulsa has built a reputation in the Tulsa area for its expertise, design talent and familiarity with the wants and needs of Tulsa residents. Schedule a free in-home design consultation online or come in and visit our showroom in Edmond to learn more about how California Closets can transform your garage storage system, bedroom closet, home office and more.