Custom Closets Tualatin

If you have an eye for design and a closet that’s an eyesore, an easy solution is just a call away. Indulge your creative streak and build the closet of your dreams with the help of custom closets Tualatin from California Closets.

Envision the Ideal Closet

Built Just for You

When you work with a custom closets Tualatin design specialist, you’re in on the process every step of the way.  It begins with a free in-home consultation to assess your storage needs.  After precise measurements are taken, you’ll give input on how you want your new closet arranged.  Maybe you want your wardrobe arranged seasonally, or maybe by color.  If you have an active lifestyle, maybe you want better access to all your outdoor gear and sportswear.  Whatever your storage preferences are, you and your California Closets specialist will work together to design the perfect storage area to accommodate them.

Your Style Shows Through

Then the fun really starts as you get to apply your aesthetic vision to the space.  Your Tualatin custom closets specialist will show you a wide variety of materials and colors to select from.  Make choices that complement your home’s décor, or choose a look that’s completely different from the rest of your house, creating your own little closet sanctuary.  Every single decision can be made according to your input, right down to the lighting and finishes.  You’ll even see a 3-D computer image of your proposed closet, giving you a chance to make final alterations and adjustments.

Get Started Now!

An attractive, functional storage space, designed by you, for you, is just a call away.  Get the ball rolling by getting in touch with a Tualatin custom closets specialist today.