Wall Beds Truckee

When you’re so close to some of the most exciting ski resorts and outdoor activity destinations in the world, you are no stranger to having guests pile into your home during the winter and summer seasons. When guests come and go with the seasons, devoting an entire room to a spare bedroom isn’t the most space efficient idea. Wall beds Truckee brought to you by California Closets are an excellent way to sleep more people in your home without taking up unnecessary space when spare sleeping accommodations are unneeded. By simply folding out of the wall when needed, wall beds Truckee are the easy solution to sleeping visiting guests.

Wall Beds Truckee: Beds When You Need Them, Space When You Don’t

Simplicity When You Want It

When it’s time to get ready for bed, the last thing you want it to deal with a complicated sleeping arrangement. Instead of lugging the spare mattress out of storage, or fussing around with the air bed, simply pull-down or pull-out wall beds Truckee from the wall for an easy, ready-in-seconds spare sleeping accommodation.

Customizable Options

Wall beds Truckee are completely customizable to match your space and interior design. No matter what room you’d like to implement one of our wall beds Truckee, it can be made to fit your dimensions. So keep your home office, media room, and living room by day and transform them into a comfortable sleeping space by night with wall beds Truckee!

Sit Back And Relax With California Closets

At California Closets, we aim to make all home improvement projects as easy as possible for our customers. That’s why we offer a free in-home consultation to get you started on one of our wall beds Truckee. Call today!