Murphy Beds Truckee

If you’re like most people, you probably have a fairly ordinary bed: four legs and a mattress. There are many things this bed doesn’t do (clean dishes, dry clothes, cook dinner), but there’s one thing in particular it can’t do that Truckee Murphy beds from California Closets can: fold up into your wall when you’re not sleeping in it. Whether you’re pressed for space in your bedroom or not, Truckee Murphy beds can make a huge difference in how open and inviting your room feels. Make the upgrade today!

Sent From The Future To Save You

While Truckee Murphy beds may seem futuristic in how they disappear to save you valuable floor space, they have actually been a popular alternative to conventional beds for many years! The concept just makes so much sense: your bed takes up an enormous amount of square footage, so instead use Truckee Murphy beds to free up the entire space when your bed is not in use. They’re safe too! With Truckee Murphy beds, you’ll be able to enjoy a great night’s sleep and then use that space for just about anything you can dream up during the day.

The Bed That Helps You Get Organized

Disorganization and clutter often stems from a lack of space; without enough space, where can you put all of your things but in piles on the ground? Truckee Murphy beds help alleviate this problem by giving you a sizable amount of space back in your room, which you can use to store more of your things than ever before. No other bed can give you a good night’s sleep and help you stay organized during the day like Truckee Murphy beds!

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