Custom Closets Troy

An individual’s wardrobe varies from person to person. Someone might own an extensive collection of long coats for the cold, while another might have a predilection for sweaters instead. A wardrobe is thus also an extension of one’s own personality and preference. Troy Custom Closets understands that every individual’s wardrobe is different, and thus helps people design closets that reflect their unique needs.

Figuring Out Your Needs

In order to design a custom closet designed specifically for you, you must first analyze your wardrobe and your personal style. Are you someone that wears a lot of layers? Are you a visual person? Do you dress according to color schemes? These are some questions that will guide you in the right direction when creating a custom closet at Troy.

Troy Custom Closets can create your space according to your taste and needs. We offer dividers that can separate your clothes by colors, textures, style or category. It is up to you how much you would like to separate and group your wardrobe. If you’re someone who owns a lot of dresses, for example, we can design and install a larger hanging section to accommodate the clothing—even down to the length of your longest coat! You also have the freedom to decide how many drawers you would like installed. Do you like deep drawers or shallow ones? If you have thick sweaters and bulky clothes, those belong in the deep drawers. Yet if you own tons of thin shirts, you might consider designing your closet with extra shallow drawers.

As you can tell the possibilities are endless. All it takes is for you to assess your wardrobe and work with us to design and build a closet that is perfect for you!

California Closets Accommodates You

Troy Custom Closets are made specifically to accommodate you, the customer. With your new custom closet, not only will the space in your closet be optimized, but you will also get the most use out of your wardrobe. Come visit us today!