Closet Organizers Troy

Our closet is one of the first places we visit every day. So it makes sense that having good closet organization is important to get our day off to a good start. Having a fresh open closet system where our clothes and items are visible and accessible helps us get ready quickly and easily. If your closet is cluttered and disorganized that can add to a sense of stress and anxiety that you take with you through the day. Looking at clutter in your closet you might think the only way to get rid of it it just to throw everything out and start again. But this thinking will only delay you taking action, as you have items in that clutter that are important and you want to keep. The solution to clutter is never just to throw it all out, the answer is to optimize your closet space with smart closet organizers from California Closets Troy. California Closets Troy have an amazing range of state of the art closet organizers that will not only optimize your closet space, they will create extra closet storage space you never knew you day.

Take the Stress out of Storing your Clothes

Consider some of the many benefits of closet organizers:


A closet organizer makes use of every inch of your available storage areas.


Closet organizers ensure there is a place for everything. Visibility is key to keeping any space organized. Closet organizers ensure good visibility, so it’s easy to locate just the item you are looking for at a glance. They are also adjustable and interchangeable so you can rearrange the design organically as your needs change.


Closet organizers can be customized just for you, to store your exact items, fit perfectly into your closet space, and to function exactly as you want.


A National Association of Professional Organizers survey found that more than 50% of respondents would save up to one hour a day if they were more organized. Imagine an extra hour in your day to do the things you love.

Less chaos in your closet means less stress in your life.
When your home is organized, you’ll live a more efficient and less stressful lifestyle. You will have the peace of mind knowing where something is, instead of constantly checking for misplaced items.

Do Yourself (and Your Clothes) a Favor

We at California Closets think your closet should be a useful and beautiful part of your Troy home, and our expert closet organizers can help you make the very most of your space.

When you call for a free design consultation, our designers will work with you to assess your space and help you create a custom solution that meets your needs. By creating a virtual representation of your space, California Closets lets you choose the system that is right for you, and makes it easier to see the beautiful space that your closet can become.

Stop by today and let's get started. We look forward to seeing you!