Closet Design Troy

Are you guilty of overlooking your closet as a legitimate room? Stop treating it like a forgotten storage space and give it the attention it needs with a beautiful, customized closet from California Closets Troy. Closet design has grown leaps and bounds from the ugly, generic organizers and poor quality materials to beautifully, personalized spaces that embrace functionality and style with grace. California Closets Troy closet designs will show you how to create an attractive space that restores balance and promotes order.

Discover a Stylish New Closet with Troy Closet Design

Although it may seem like a daunting task since it necessitates the need for a team of personal organizers and rubbish removal specialists, it actually takes just a few of the right people to create the ideal Troy closet design. Just combine the expertise of California Closet consultants and yourself! Working one on one with talented consultants, you have complete creative control.

Eye Catching

Beautiful, fluid and efficient design enhances any space. Why shouldn’t your closet benefit from it? Explore the aesthetic possibilities with Troy closet design via customized color schemes, lighting, layouts and finishes. Keep your most frequently used or favorite items displayed with hangers and racks while ensuring off-season or unsightly items don’t get lost in the abyss of disorder with specially designed boxes and bins.

Instilling Order to A Multipurpose Wardrobe

Troy has a reputation for being a sports-centered city, a trait reflected in its inhabitants. Accumulated outdoor gear often creates a cumbersome pile on the floor, but it doesn’t have to with Troy closet design. Organize your gear by sport with special compartmentalized drawers and stackable boxes, so you know where everything is when you are running for the game at the last minute. With space-saving vertical racks and hooks, Troy closet designs can find a place for all that hockey gear.

Don’t Give An Inch

Too often, closet space is misused. With a Troy closet design, every inch is maximized, whether you have an expansive walk-in or a traditional reach-in. End the cycle of wasted space with cleverly designed expandable shelving, stackable boxes and baskets, all designed to fit your tastes.

Keep the Design Scheme Flowing with Troy Closet Design

Embrace your closet’s potential to be a beautifully designed and fully functional room. Call California Closets Troy today to customize with Troy closet design.