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When is the last time you asked yourself how your closets are doing?   That’s because, unfortunately, closet systems are an often-overlooked feature of your home life.  California Closet Tri-Cities is here to tell you that your closets can actually transform your home, and your life!

California Closets Tri-Cities For Every Place and Every Space

From the minute you walk in your door, you are using your closets.  When you hang up your coat and set down your keys, you are utilizing space in a way that facilitates your lifestyle.  Making these spaces smooth running only makes your life easier, and your home more beautiful.


Entryways are a great place to start when renovating your home with California Closets Tri-Cities units.  This is because they are both the first place you land and last place you take off when coming and going from home.  When your stomping ground is organized, so are you.  Create closets that hold your coat, umbrella, and provide a place for your keys and wallet.  That way, you’ll never have to be searching last minute for those important missing items.

Media Centers

Your California Closets Tri-Cities products can also modernize your living room and media center.  California Closets has myriad options for media centers that store all of your T.V. and stereo equipment in one place.  They look sleek and classy and accentuate the style and comfort of any family room.


Your wardrobe, walk-in, or reach-in closet is the next place you want to hit with brand new Tri-Cities closets.  They are the simplest and most beautiful spaces to recreate because you know exactly what’s inside and what needs to exist in place of what you already have.

Amazing California Closets Tri-Cities Products

There are so many ways you can re-envision your closets, so start now by calling to schedule your free, in-home design consultation with California Closets Tri-Cities!



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