Make Room for Change: Your Kids and Their Toys

At California Closets we pride ourselves on creating storage units that are adaptable for the changing times.   Whether you already have kids or are preparing for one on the way, you are well aware that the stages of life change from one day to the next: one day, mushy foods; the next day, solids.   Before you know it your kids will be bouncing around, walking, talking, and playing sports!

As a smart parent you’ll want to create storage systems that fit your kids’ needs and continue to grow with them as they blossom from their first step all the way through prom night.

To get started you’ll first evaluate your child’s current needs depending on their age.  Ask yourself (and your child, if they’re old enough) questions about space.  Do they need a desk for homework? Do you need a changing table?  How much floor space do they need to play?

The answers to these questions will provide you with the inspiration you need to begin creating storage solutions for your daily needs.  Adjustable shelving and drawers can change the shape of your child’s closet to accommodate their age and height.  With a few quick adjustments you’ll be able to turn your child’s room from a nursery to a teenager’s dream closet.

Pull-out baskets are another great way to store toys and keep organized.  Moreover, they are easy enough for small children to pull out themselves while learning good clean-up habits at an early age. When you provide children with easy toy storage solutions, it will generate an environment where learning and organization are both encouraged and rewarded.

Custom toy storage solutions allow you to hand choose each element of your kid’s room so that you make the most out of the space you have, both now and into the future.  You can choose from myriad different design options to make your child’s room a dream for them and a breeze for you.