Toy Storage... for Smarties

Out of all of the "stuff" that tends to accumulate in family homes, toys are at the top of the Most Common Offender list. Quite often, toy storage becomes a primary concern of the person in charge of keeping the home neat and tidy. But toy storage doesn't have to be the big elephant in the room that you have to reluctantly -- but necessarily -- tackle alone. Good news! There are ways to keep your toy storage requirements to a minimum to begin with, making "toy storage" less of a concern.

5 Tips for Keeping Toy Storage Needs Low

1. Put a limit on the numbers of toys! That's the simplest and best way to solve your toy storage problem. Avoid duplications -- your kids you do need two sets of Legos, two copies of the same pop-up book, two stacking rings, or two shape sorters. If your child ends up with a lot of duplications for some reason, consider donating the less favorite one to charities or selling them at a garage sale.

2. Don't buy toys that take up a lot of space. Sure, those big play houses look enticing, but unless you have adequate outdoor toy storage space or it can be disassembled easily and stored compactly, resist the urge to buy big, space-hogging toys.

3. Be picky. Don't buy a toy just because it strikes your or your kid's fancy one day. When you only buy toys that are most beneficial to your child you are doing them a favor -- and doing yourself a favor by minimizing toy storage needs. Use the same kind of selective shopping techniques that you use for yourself when you go clothes, shoes, and even grocery shopping. Constantly ask yourself, do I really need or want this item?

4. Stop giving toys as gifts. They'll get plenty from other people for you to work in your toy storage plan. When a gift comes from you, make it more of an experience, like a trip to an amusement park or a sleepover party with all of their friends.

5. Don't hoard! Make it a habit to look at what's in the toy storage bins regularly and discard non-functional toys and give away those they don't play with anymore. One way to make your child realizes that she no longer plays with a particular toy (and to give it away herself!) is to put the toy away for a certain amount of time. If she does not come to you and asks, "Where is my ...", then it means that she doesn't care about that toy very much.

Better Toy Storage from California Closets

Once you've established healthy toy purchasing habits, you'll be surprised how easy toy storage can be! After all, it's much simpler to organize fewer items. And at California Closets, we specialize in storage systems that are meant to be used on a daily basis -- not just as a place to keep items that you'll never need again. We've been helping parents of all kinds with toy storage needs for decades, and we're excited to help you!