Wall Beds Towson

You can truly never have enough space. Especially when it comes to visitors. That is why California Closets is sure you’ll benefit from our wall beds Towson. Our wall beds provide instant sleeping arrangements that provide comfort as well as convenience. No matter if you need an extra bed for guests, or simply want to create more floor space when your bed is not in use, we can help. Trust in our wall beds Towson to provide that perfect place to sleep no matter what the situation. Destroying the notion of rickety, uncomfortable wall beds was paramount in creating our new model. These beds contain comfort driven mattress technology that ensures a good night's sleep at a moment's notice. Your friends and family will better enjoy their stay with you, and you’ll rest assured knowing that you made the right choice in wall beds Towson.

A Much Deserved Rest

Well Made Wall Beds Towson

Integrate your wall beds Towson using the traditional fold down method. Or, try our unique, drawer style bed: designed to “roll out” from areas such as beneath the desk in your home office. While your wall bed is not in use, we can help you find ways to repurpose or camouflage the structure. You wont have to sacrifice a thing with these fully functional wall beds Towson.

Comfort At Every Turn

Installing your wall beds Towson will be a breeze! California Closets employs a team of experts to guide you throughout the process. You can be confident that your wall beds are perfectly constructed when you have a personal design consultant at your side. In addition to being comfortable, these wall beds are easily operated to open smoothly every time.

Believe In Our Methods

Our wall beds Towson will make a world of difference. Call California Closets to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation today!