Murphy Beds Towson

We meet a lot of resistance when it comes to murphy beds. People just can’t let go of the notion that murphy beds are uncomfortable, poorly made, rickety and unsightly. That is - until they lie down on one of our Towson murphy beds. Towson murphy beds from California Closets lay to rest any and all doubts that murphy beds are secondary in comfort to standard beds. Towson murphy beds are so comfortable that after you’ve slept on one, you’ll immediately begin to wonder why you have a standard bed at all. What purpose does it serve? - relinquishing all that floorspace to something you only use half the time. Excellent question. Maybe it’s time to wave goodbye to the half baked traditions of the yesteryear and ring in the future with the sleek and functional design of a Towson murphy bed.

Embrace Progress

Towson Murphy Beds: Rest Easy

Everything about Towson murphy beds is easy as pie. Opening them up for a night’s rest? Easy. Closing them for full use of your floorspace during the day? Easy. And most importantly - installation is easy. Many people are deterred from moving forward with a Towson murphy beds project because they fear there will be a protracted and complicated installation process that will render their home unusable for days or weeks. This is never the case. Our Design Specialists have been at this for over 30 years and know exactly what needs to be considered in order to ensure a smooth and swift installation.

Start Thinking Of Possible Uses

Once you’ve installed one of our Towson murphy beds in your home, you’ll want to make use of your newfound freedom right away. So start thinking now about all the possible uses for that freshly available floorspace!

Find Out More!

If you want to learn more about Towson murphy beds, don’t hesitate to call or contact us online to schedule a completely complimentary in-home consultation!