Wall Beds Town and Country

Living in a cramped apartment, with no space to invite Mom and Dad over for the weekend? Have a spare room in the house that you just have no idea what to do with? Town and Country wall beds from California Closets are the solution for you! More and more people all over the country are realizing the versatility having Town and Country wall beds offers a home, so don’t be left out!

Town And Country Wall Beds Reclaim Wasted Space!

It’s amazing just how quickly Town and Country wall beds can transform an entire home! Tired of telling your cousins that you don’t have anywhere to offer them to stay when they are in town for a weekend? Just have no idea what to do with that small extra room you’ve got in the house, that’s been collecting dust and unwanted junk for years? With just a simple set up of wall beds, Town and Country living spaces can be instantly reclaimed and turned into something super impressive, modern, chic and useful!

Wall beds can be put back up and stored to free up walking and breathing space, until they are needed to put up some treasured guests! You can even install one in your living room and be ready for those unexpected guests who may need a safe, comfortable place to chill out for a few nights! With Town and Country wall beds, the possibilities are simply endless, and can make your entire home work for you.

Let Our Professionals Transform Your Entire Home

Nothing makes a room more versatile, more modern, or more chic than a wall bed! Let our well-trained, knowledgeable staff take their time to modernize your room and give you options you never dreamed possible! Call today for a free in-home consultation!