Custom Closets Town and Country

If a man’s house is his castle, then his closet is his royal wardrobe. Yet, too often a closet can gather castaway clothes and clutter and end up resembling a dungeon. The easiest way to maintain your kingly (or queenly) closet is to get your very own Town and Country custom closets from California Closets.

Town and Country Custom Closets Keep the Peace

The closet can be a touchy subject in a relationship. Sharing a bedroom with your significant other can often be a trial in respecting each other’s space and this often spills over into the closet. Competition between each other’s clothes, shoes, and coats can cause some tension. Let California Closets’ design experts install one of our amazing Town and Country custom closets.

Shelves, Racks, and Bins

Make sure to stay on your side of the closet--let us help you with that! California Closets’ array of drawer dividers, inserts, and garment rods for hanging bags or scarves can create more space for storage. With the combination of work clothes, exercise gear, and seasonal outfits, it is easy to fill up a closet. Multiply all those clothes by two and you are quick to see your closet overflowing. Keep your wardrobe organized with our Town and Country custom closets.

Design and Use

Not only will you and your partner’s clothes compartments be personalized, you can even customize the look of your Town and Country custom closets. With a variety of knob and lighting options, your closet can fit your individual styles.

Get Your Town and Country Custom Closet!

Let California Closets help you simplify all your wardrobe needs. Cooperation between you and your partner on designs and setups will free up space for each of your ensembles.