Custom Storage Ajax

What’s new in the field of home restoration and organization? Ajax custom storage, that’s what! Now’s the moment for you to get acquainted with what we do at California Closets and see if updating your Ajax custom storage is the right thing for you.

Ajax Custom Storage: Redesigning Homes

Contrary to popular belief, Ajax custom storage is not solely about your closets.  Our designs and styles can be implemented in almost all of the spaces in your home to help create new looks and improve the usability of your home.

Media Centers

Because everybody’s living rooms and media devices are so different, it is often hard to find a ready-made media center that works for you.  Not only is it important the way things fit inside the console, but the way it fits in your living room has a huge impact on the feel of the room.  Ajax custom storage provides solutions for problems like these by creating custom-made media centers that fit the aesthetic and specificities of your living room or bedroom.

Kids’ Rooms

Ajax custom storage is also beautifully worked into your nursery or kids’ rooms.  This is a great tool to keep you and your kids organized.  You’ll see how encouraged kids are to clean up after themselves when everything has its own place and they are in charge of clean up.

Home Office

Whether you work from home or just need an office nook to get basic home housekeeping chores done, keeping your home office organized is an important part of staying productive and focused.  Ajax custom storage units can be built to assist your home office needs, with desks and hutches, filing cabinets and anything else you might need to stay on top of your work.

Ajax Custom Storage: Your Needs Come First

Whatever it is you are looking to improve upon, Ajax custom storage solutions are here to help and work for you.  Call today for your free, in-home design consultation!