Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Toronto

When out-of-town guests come to visit, it would be nice to be able to provide them with a sleeping arrangement that was comfortable and pleasant. Most fold-out couches leave much to be desired in the way of comfort, and can often leave guests complaining of back pain for days to come. Not everyone has the space for a guest bedroom - so what’s to be done? Toronto wall beds from California Closets are an ideal solution to this common problem. Toronto murphy beds are as comfortable as standard beds, and they take up precisely zero floorspace when not in use. Your guests will be amazed at the level of comfort you are able to provide if you install a Toronto wall bed.

The Way Of The Future

Toronto Wall Beds: Not Just For Guests

While many people might be looking to Toronto murphy beds as a place to put their in-laws when they come to visit - the truth is that Toronto wall beds are extremely competitive when it comes to comfort and that there’s really no reason they cannot replace your standard bed! Who wouldn’t mind some extra floorspace during the daytime to use as they see fit? Think of the possibilities for exercise, art work, or music rehearsal!

Forget The Wall Beds Of The Past

When you think “wall bed” you probably imagine a rusty, highly uncomfortable, hard to open, eyesore in a cramped apartment. We assure you, things have changed. These Toronto murphy beds are not only extremely comfortable, but elegantly designed and easy to use.

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