Toronto Home Library

A home library should be a quiet and aesthetically beautiful space in your home where you can sit and escape the pressures of the busy outside world by delving into a good piece of literature (it also needs to be a place to store books!) In today’s world, home libraries are becoming more and more popular, and home offices are often being reimagined and designed to double as a functional home library.

Home Library Toronto: Set up your home libarary today.

No matter how large or small your home is, it’s easy to create a beautiful home library. Here are some tips from California Closets for creating a library in your Toronto home.

1.) Consider the space - take some time to ponder all the options. The perfect space is an area that isn’t loud or busy and is free from the distraction of a television. If you are short on space - a corner of a quiet den or guest bedroom will work perfectly.

2.) Set up storage shelves for your books. You can opt for floor to ceiling shelving, or smaller half-wall shelving depending on how many books you have. Open shelving (opposed to shelving with open shut doors) allows easy access and visibility when you want to find a book, and also gives a textured and cozy feel to your home library.

3.) Choose you colors. Libraries in the past were filled with dark browns, rich burgundy and hunter greens – beautiful if you have an open fire to read beside. But today many home libraries opt for lighter color schemes allowing for a fresh invigorating feel.

4.) Find the perfect reading chair. Based on your space, determine how many chairs, sofa, table and lamps can fit comfortably. If the library is only for a few people, a few comfortable chairs will be perfect.

5.) Are you doubling your home library with a home office? Make sure the room can function well as both. This might mean limiting your furniture to just a reading chair, and an office desk – and you may want to upgrade you large home computer to a laptop so you can fold it away when you want to the space to just be a clean and calm library.

6.) Lighting! Adequate lighting needs to give you enough light to read but also be soft enough to give a relaxing mood to your library. Design the space to optimize natural light during the day by placing your reading chair (or chairs) near a window. In the evening, side table lamps, overhead lighting and accent lighting are a good idea. Consider adding a dimmer to overhead lighting to give the room a cozy ‘snuggled up’ feel.

7.) Optimize your home library with smart space saving solutions and custom storage spaces. Visit California Closets Toronto and have one of their in-store designers take you through the many space optimizing custom solutions available today. Especially if you have limited space to work with – California Closets can help you make the most of every inch.