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Tonka Bay

Welcome to California Closets Tonka Bay

Wishing you had an easier time keeping your home organized? Don't fret — California Closets Tonka Bay is here to take care of all of your home storage needs!

Living a more organized life is something all people should strive for, but it can be hard to make the changes necessary to overcome clutter. Fortunately, California Closets Tonka Bay's staff of professional closet designers have the knowledge and the tools to create custom storage solutions that will fit perfectly in your home and budget. Having a closet system designed for your needs makes it easy to stay organized, since every item you need to store has a place created just for it.

The Closet Designer Difference

When you work with California Closets Tonka Bay to design a custom storage solution for your home, one of our closet designers will visit with you and personally take note of your closet and what you seek to store in it. After designing the blueprints for your optimum closet system (complete with various shelves, storage bins, hanging shoe racks, and a myriad of other organizational tools), your closet system is built in our nearby facility and installed by expert craftsmen.

Produced Locally to Save You Money

Our Bloomington facility manufactures all of our products, which is an advantage that few storage companies can offer. First, this allows us to quickly build out custom designed products that we can install in your home within a couple weeks. In the larger scheme of things, having our products built and assembled locally reduces emissions from shipping cross country (or across oceans), which lessens the carbon footprint our company creates. Our Bloomington facility also provides quality jobs for the community.

California Closets Tonka Bay: A Part of the Community

Here at California Closets Tonka Bay, we pride ourselves on the services we offer to the community and our role in helping people live happier, more organized lives. In addition to designing and building storage systems, we strongly believe in giving back to the community, and regularly take part in charity events and community initiatives.

Tonka Bay



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