Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Tolland

It’s a nice thing to be able to provide visiting guests with a comfortable and pleasant sleeping situation. Uncomfortable fold-out couch beds leave much to be desired, and not everyone has the space for a dedicated guest bedroom. Enter Tolland wall beds from California Closets. Unlike the wildly uncomfortable, back-problem-exacerbating, rusty wall beds of yore, Tolland murphy beds provide the height of comfort in a stylish, easy to open and close unit.

Not Just For Guests

Tolland Wall Beds: The Future Of Bedding Is Here

Once you’ve seen and used a Tolland murphy bed, you’ll probably start to consider doing away with your standard bed altogether. Why dedicate all that floor space to something you only use half of the time? When there’s no sacrifice in the way of comfort, it’s hard to see why Tolland wall beds aren’t totally ubiquitous. Elegant, durable designs, and luxurious comfort - what’s not to like?

Your Newfound Floorspace Holds A World Of Potential

With the space you save by converting to a Tolland murphy bed, a nearly endless list of potential uses opens up. Now you’ll have a perfect area for a morning yoga or aerobics routine. Maybe you’ve been longing for a place to rehearse with your band or work on choreography. Maybe you’ve been hoping your bedroom could double as an office more easily. All of this becomes possible once you make the switch to a Tolland wall bed.

Want To Learn More About Tolland Murphy Beds?

California Closets is committed to giving our customers all the information they need to make informed buying decisions - that’s why we offer totally complimentary in-home consultations for customers interested in learning more about Tolland wall beds. Call or contact us online to schedule a consultation today!