Custom Closets Tolland

What makes the difference between mediocre and extraordinary closets? Our answer: customization. Without considering the needs, wants and desires of the particular closet user, it’s near impossible for a closet to truly fit each unique person. The best way to develop your closets so that they suit you (instead of the other way around) is to install Tolland custom closets from California Closets.

Tolland Custom Closets Give You Control

We’re proven experts in the field of closet customization.  Working for years to develop an effective method for designing and installing Tolland custom closets, we’ve perfected our technique.  First, we send out one of our design experts to do a free consultation.  Taking all necessary measurements, we get a sense of what your particular closets are like.  Then, we talk to you about what you currently like about your closet situation, and also what frustrates you.  Tell us everything we need to know, so that we can help make perfect new Tolland custom closets.

The next step in our design process is our clients' favorite.  We use 3D imaging techniques to create a virtual edition of what your new Tolland custom closets would look like.  Before you ever step foot in your new closets, you can get a sense of what you would or wouldn’t like about them.  Continue tweaking your design so that it has all the details just right—wall space, storage space, color, and more.  When we’re all done, we send a team out to install your new Tolland custom closets.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

If you like the sound of working with California Closets, then give us a call today.  We can get you started on your way to owning beautiful Tolland custom closets immediately.  The only thing between you and your new closets is a couple of clicks.  Take a look around our website and contact us when you’re ready!