Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Thornhill

With the rising cost of housing, often we are forced to have increasingly less space than we would like in our homes. This means making sacrifices when it comes to the way rooms are designed and used. One solution to this problem is easy and simple design with Thornhill wall beds.

Thornhill Murphy Beds: Two In One

The way things are going there is an increasing need for multi-use spaces in single-family homes.  When you are strapped for ideas, probably the last thing you are thinking is, how about a bed that comes down from the wall?  Believe it or not, it works, and it looks great.  This means less negotiating and more convenience for you. So, the only question remains: when are you going to get your Thornhill wall beds?

The redesign of this product is new and improved and better than ever.  Here’s a quick run-down of how our Thornhill Murphy beds work:

The first step is to review our product online and check out the various options you have for your Thornhill wall beds.  Each design is original and multi-functional.  Thornhill Murphy beds can be built into a desk, a hutch, a bookshelf, a media center, or any other respectably sized piece of furniture.  This allows you the opportunity to brainstorm about what you want to use your extra room for.  It might be a combination home office/guest room, or perhaps just provide a cozy spot to lie down on in your library. 

The Best Thornhill Murphy Beds For You

As soon as you see how stylish and easy to use your Thornhill wall beds are, you’ll be surprised you didn’t find out about them sooner.  The design is both user-friendly and a fabulous addition to any room.  Don’t wait to call and schedule your complimentary design consultation today!