What's Happening at California Closets of the Texas Hill Country

Welcome to California Closets of the Texas Hill Country! Proudly serving Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas since 1983. Above: A beautiful stair-step design with bright splashes of color and plenty of function and features.

California Closets in the Community!

This summer, we have found a very rewarding experience in the opportunity to help reorganize a local nonprofit mental health center for children in San Antonio. One of our designers, Jamie Sargisson, had the pleasure to work with the folks at the Clarity Child Guidance Center to assess their storage needs. The system we donated was for their Therapeutic Creativity Center, an essential place where the children spend time as they head down the road to each of their recoveries.

Before and After California Closets

We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the team at the Clarity Child Guidance Center for the privilege of working with you. We certainly hope you find a new sense of ease, simplicity, and organization with this system!

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New San Antonio Showroom Opening!

As the leading Custom Storage design & installation companies, California Closets is opening a brand new showroom in San Antonio beginning Thursday, March 17th! Our franchise, branded as California Closets of the Texas Hill Country, is independently owned & operated by a husband-and-wife team, Daniel & Jill Siegel and we have been proudly serving San Antonio, Austin, the Texas Hill Country and beyond for almost three decades.

While it is obvious we specialize in custom closets, we can also provide custom storage solutions for every area of the home: garages, media rooms, pantries, and kitchens are all in the mix and are warrantied for as long as you own your home. Previously located off of Broadway Avenue in San Antonio, we relocated to the Design District and are ready to open to the public.

Our Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Lucy Guilbeaux, knows the move will be beneficial to the company. “It is going to be an up-to-date, current showcase of our work” says Guilbeaux. “Our last showroom was older and becoming outdated. This is going to be a step above anything that’s been available for people to see and experience. Once you step into our showroom, you get a broader sense of the work that we do – we’re not just designing closets!” Since the showroom will also serve as a design center complete with samples of all of their available products and materials, she hopes that it will be a place of inspiration for people to re-imagine their own spaces.

Our company has been expanding over the past few years and we are excited to venture further into the commercial and custom furniture markets. Lucy expanded on this: “Our production facility, which is connected to our new showroom, has doubled in size. This, combined with our investment in new machinery, will help us to explore new markets while still providing our core customers with the quality we’re known for.”

Our design consultants will be available for walk-in consultations on weekday afternoons until 5:00 pm and every Saturday until 4:00 pm. Design Consultant, Matt Till, is excited to be able to use the new space as a way of showing the people of San Antonio what we’re all about. “I would encourage anyone looking for a storage solution of any kind to check out our incredible new showroom,” Matt says. “Come see and experience first-hand the quality, style, and versatility that makes California Closets the industry leader in customized home storage”

Another one of our designers, Misty Rodriguez, has been with the company for almost six years and she can’t wait to show how much they have grown. “We’ve evolved so much and I am thrilled to show that to our clients,” Misty commented. “I am particularly excited about having one of our wall-beds in the showroom. In my time here, I haven’t had one to show off in a showroom before. I’ve noticed a real increase in interest and demand for our wall beds.”

You can find our new showroom off of 281 and Nakoma Drive at 1111 Arion Parkway. Come by and see us - we are excited to meet you!

A Tale of Two Materials: Wood vs. Melamine in Custom Storage

Never satisfied with where we are and always moving the needle here at California Closets of the Texas Hill Country, our new wood collection is in full swing. We are pleased to be working in this material after 27 years of working exclusively in melamine finishes. However, there is, of course, a reason we have used this material for all of these years serving the San Antonio / Austin / Corpus Christie markets so I thought I’d chat a bit about the pros and cons of melamine vs wood material.

We field calls and answer questions about this quite a bit. When I was a Designer in Seattle it did not seem to come up as much as it does in Texas… but I am a Texan who lives in Texas and loves Texans and we will give the Texans what they want! Hence, our wood program!

Here are the facts about melamine versus wood veneer when considering what is right for your project:


no maintenance
does not change color
can add doors, drawers, shelves, etc and you not not have to worry about matching color
will not dent as easily as wood – much tougher
Can be sustainable, recycled material and very environmentally friendly

it’s not wood:) and therefore, can have bias against it


more organic look
can be stained to closely match a specific color or tone

with dent easily
color will change over time
will be difficult to match the color if adding to system

So, there you have it! Our Melamine, aka, furniture grade MDF with a melamine laminate, is not low quality, in fact, it is a high quality product guaranteed to last a lifetime — we could not be in business for 27 years in central Texas if it was a “cheap” material. Other things to think about when thinking about QUALITY are the installation method, hardware used, the level of expertise of the Designer / Installation technician — overall quality STANDARDS of the company / product (or lack therof)… but then, that is a whole other story!!

Stay cool,
Jill Siegel, peruser of possibilities.

Summer has arrived!

WOW, That came fast; it’s here and it’s hot.  Time for margaritas on the patio and cooling off in one of our many swimming holes.  Life is good in Central Texas – Really, what could be better??

We have been offering FREE Certified Professional Organizing with purchase for our Spring rejuvenation Program and it has been quite a success!  We have seen lives dramatically improve – we are not just beautifying and simplifying storage areas any longer!  I can’t tell you what a GIFT it is to see lives transformed on such an emotional level from organizing and de-cluttering ones living space.  This is our California Closets Experience and we are proud to extend the complimentary organizing program through the summer months!   Please visit one of our showrooms, Facebook us, DM us on Twitter, call or email us at atx-sa@calclosets.com for more information!!!We hope your summer is off to a great start.  We are planning several events for our showrooms – wine tastings, clothes swaps, trade events, and organizing workshops.  We will be announcing our event schedule soon!Also, we are busy building out a new showroom in San Antonio – it will be our most beautiful yet and we are beyond EXCITED to showcase our many new product offerings!!

Our new Sliding Door Collection


Remember when a door was just a door? A slab of wood with hinges and handles? And a wall was just a wall? Permanent? Plaster and paint? Opaque? That was then...this is NOW.  California Closets of the Texas Hill Country is proud to offer their clients this beautiful line of sliding and pivot doors. They are contemporary with clean lines and have a quick turn around time of 2-3 weeks! Affordable and stylish, they come in many different styles and finishes.  Take a look!

We toasted to good times at the Austin Food and Wine Festival


Founded in 1986, the Texas Hill Country Wine & Food Festival is one of the country's largest epicurean events, attracting thousands of people to celebrate the multi-cultural, culinary and agricultural achievements of Texas. We had the pleasure of showcasing a wine bar that we made custom for the Festival. This was a great way to let the community know about our custom product offerings including storage beds, benches, wardrobes and furniture pieces. Cheers to a wonderful Festival!  Check out our custom work here!