Shanna Davis, Design Consultant

From a very young age my chores included organizing the linen closet, the pantry, the kitchen cabinets, my brother's nightmare of a room and closet and well you get the picture now. So imagine to my surprise graduating with a degree in Interior Design and then finding a company which embodied the very essence of what I was searching for in a career! I think it's very rare today to find people who actually LOVE what they do and I consider myself to be one of the lucky few. I am here to simplify my clients' daily lives and who doesn't need that?

Each appointment is a new adventure to heIp a friend find the solution they are searching for and I wouldn't be in this position if I didn't love a challenge.  I tell each of my clients that I will work for them as long as they need me whether it's right now or 10 years down the road. The best part of my day is getting to walk through and see an installation come to life and hearing what a difference it's making in my clients quality of life which in return inspires me to work even harder! The greatest compliment I can receive is a referral or a repeat client and I strive to give each and everyone the experience they deserve.  Life is messy and chaotic and I want to deliver the calm after the storm.