Peter and Paul's Story

Peter Farstad and Paul Mellblom fell for their Minneapolis mid-century, modern home the first time they saw it. Literally. “We were driving through the neighborhood and saw it and instantly saw the potential. The owner was taking groceries out of her car so we stopped," Peter recalls. He walked up to her and gave her his business card. Then he said, "if you’re ever thinking of selling the house, please let us know.”

“ The office isn’t the largest space in the house,  but I don’t mind a tighter space. But in a small space, you have to be organized and have a place for all your things or you can get overwhelmed by stuff, by clutter.”

Eighteen months later, they got a call from the owners and went over to see the inside of the home for the first time, “We walked in and we didn’t get any further than the front room and Peter and I looked at each other and said, ‘Yeah this is the house.’” They worked out a deal with the owners and came to an agreement on the spot.

And over the last fourteen years, Peter and Paul have taken on projects to help their home realize the potential that appealed to them at first look. Two of the projects that have made the biggest difference both involved California Closets.

Peter and Paul worked with California Closets Design Consultant, Darci Fredricks, to re-imagine Peter’s home office and create a shared walk-in master closet.

Peter and Paul had some idea what they wanted for both spaces, but were daunted by space constraints. Peter’s office was especially challenging. The original layout included an original built-in desk that didn’t have enough room for Peter’s computer.

“The office isn’t the largest space in the house, but I don’t mind a tighter space," Peter explains. "But in a small space, you have to be organized and have a place for all your things or you can get overwhelmed by stuff and clutter.”

Peter and Darci designed a new office configuration with a built-in, maple desk and a bank of cabinets and drawers along one wall that made smart and efficient use of the space available. Peter was thrilled with the way things turned out. “I love that I don’t have to look at all the binders and all the paper. I know where all my supplies and binders and everything is, but the look is very clean. It really suits the way we live in our house and accentuates the clean lines of the architecture.”

For their master closet, Peter and Paul converted an old workshop that wasn’t being used. Darci showed them how the space could be utilized to allow for multiple hanging areas and separate dressers. Paul explains the process, “It was pretty interactive. My first thought was that we would do the closets in an L shape along two adjoining walls. But Darcie had so much expertise. She explained how we should do the hanging areas and the cabinetry on the opposite walls so that we’re not bumping into one another when we’re trying to get ready. It made a lot of sense and it has worked out really nicely.”

Together Darci, Peter and Paul found ways to make the place that instantly felt like home feel even more like home. In Peter’s words, “I can come home from a busy day and I seem to gain my energy back. California Closets helped give me that space.”


Darci Fredricks, General Manager

Six years ago I started with California Closets thinking it would be a fun job because I loved organization. It did not take long for me to realize that California Closets was about so much more than just getting organized.

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California Closets can work with you to create an efficient home office workspace that makes work feel less like work.As the line between work and home becomes increasingly blurred, it’s more important than ever to have a comfortable and functional home office where we can focus on the things we need to get done.

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