The Daugs' Story

It’s understandable that Kim and Dennis Daugs fell in love with their beautiful and historic 1928 home the first time they saw it. The grand, Mediterranean-style home was just minutes from downtown, but tucked away in the quiet residential neighborhood of Broadmoor, near Seattle’s Lake Washington. It seemed like the perfect place to raise their three young daughters.

"I'd wanted to cover up the window and just add more storage there, but Alice showed me how we could take advantage of nartual light and still have more than enough storage for my things."

-- Kim Daugs

Like any older home, the Daugs’ residence came with tons of charm, and a few challenges, like lath and plaster walls and smaller closets that seemed to defy modern life.

“The closets were tough,” Kim explains. “In all of them, there was just a single rod and that was it.” In the master bedroom, Kim and Dennis shared a long, narrow closet separated from the rest of the room by an open, arched doorway. “We had to keep stuff in boxes and it just looked cluttered from the bedroom,” says Kim.

The girls’ rooms were more of the same — single closet rods and no way to organize anything inside. So Kim reached out to California Closets.

“We worked with them in our first house and loved the results. They’re tried and tested.” The goal of the project was simple — bring modern storage solutions to their classic space. Alice Kres, one of our Seattle designers, consulted with Kim and Dennis.

“Their home is gorgeous. They just needed storage that fit the way they live,” Alice says. First came the master bedroom. Alice converted the shared closet into an impressive closet and dressing space for Kim. It features multiple spaces for hanging clothes and large banks of drawers, plus space for shoes, jewelry and more. A small window with a view of a beautiful old magnolia tree became a focal point.

“I’d wanted to cover up the window and just add more storage there, but Alice was persistent and showed me how we could take advantage of natural light and still have more than enough space for my things,” Kim says. The arched doorway now frames a closet as beautiful as the space that surrounds it.

“My favorite thing about now is when I walk in I am able to see everything,” Kim says. A smaller closet off the hallway in the master bedroom was perfect for Dennis’ clothing and brought smart and simple organization to his wardrobe. “I think he actually likes having his own space,” Kim says of Dennis’ closet. It accommodates his shirts, sport coats and ties — and even an old safe from the 1920s that is built in to the wall. It’s a closet with character.

In the girls’ rooms, Alice and Kim worked to create adaptable storage designed to grow with them. They went from single rods to adaptable hanging areas and integrated drawers.

“The girls can organize their own things and take ownership over their rooms,” Kim says. The closets have also adapted as the girls have grown up. When Hayden, the oldest at 14 years old, was eight, she loved ballet. Now, she’s into volleyball tournaments, dances and pretty dresses, and her closet has grown up right along with her.

“One of the things we like best about the installation is that they were very careful to install the closets properly in our walls,” Kim says. “Our walls are thick and old, and the lath and plaster can be hard to deal with. But the installers were experts and took enormous care in our home. It wasn’t some construction project to them — they treated our house with respect. They also cleaned up everything when they were done. All I had to do was move in once they finished.”

Together, California Closets and the Daugs family found ways to maximize storage that fit their home and their lives perfectly.

“We couldn’t be happier,” Kim says. “Closets seem like a little thing, but they changed the way we live and made home feel like home.”

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