Put Simply, Create More Space With Temecula Wall Beds

No matter what size of home you are living in, you can never have enough space. Perhaps you are living in a smaller place, and would love a way to increase your square footage for holidays, family get togethers or just every day life. Or, you have the space but want to multipurpose your rooms so that you don’t have to sacrifice your home office or entertainment areas for occasional guests. If you fit into either of these categories, or many more, then we have the perfect solutions for you with Temecula wall beds.

Creative Comfort Solutions: Temecula Wall Beds

In the California Closets world, wall beds are not considered convenient unless they are comfortable and attractive. That is why you are in luck with Temecula wall beds. Built using California Closets innovative mattress technology, these wall beds have unique air flow mattresses that stay firm and supportive no matter how long they stay in storage mode. You and your guests wont be able to tell the difference between your regular mattress and your new Temecula wall beds mattress.

The look and feel of your wall beds is just as important as their level of comfort. Choose from an incredible array of colors, hardwares and materials to design custom cabinetry or paneling to disguise your Temecula wall beds when not in use. Match your new structure to your existing home decor, seamlessly and attractively.

With Temecula wall beds you get all of the convenience and infinite comfort of a custom product, as well as incredible versatility. You can implement these new wall beds in just about anyway you can dream up. Visit our online image gallery to see how other’s have designed them, or allow a personal consultant to help you create your own. The opportunities are limitless, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with Temecula wall beds.