Your Ideal Tampa Home Office

A home office is the dream of many a Tampa homeowner. Having a dedicated space in your home to work on your personal accounting, home-based business -- or taking a day off from the distractions of the office to to work from home instead -- is a great asset. But how do you know what kind of home office you need? Take this short quiz to find out.

The California Closets Home Office Quiz

When I enter my home office, I want to feel:
a) creatively inspired, ready to invent and discover
b) highly effective -- like I can get what I need to get done in 20 minutes, tops
c) as if I were in my outside office -- but with better coffee!

The most important thing to have in a home office is:
a) lots of open desk space to spread out my papers
b) incredible filing and organizing systems
c) a communications hub -- phone, videoconferencing, etc.

The only rule I would make for my home office is:
a) if you enter, you have to collaborate with me and share ideas
b) absolutely no food or drink!
c) if you see the red light, it means "Do Not Disturb"

What Kind of Home Office Do You Need?

If you answered "a" to most of the questions, your ideal home office type is Creative. You want your Tampa home office to be a place where you can create, undisturbed when you need to be alone, but welcome to visitors to help you with brainstorming and feedback.

If you answered "b" to most of the questions, your ideal home office type is Functional. You plan to use the space to work on the family finances, or focus completely on some of your own work projects. It is important to you that the space remain clean and clear of all clutter, because one mislabeled item or misplaced document will cost you time that you don't have.

If you answered "c" to most of the questions, your ideal home office type is Connected. You need your home office to be an extension of your real office, so that you can be just as efficient working from home as you would in your downtown Tampa office. Phone, internet, video -- you name it, if it helps you communicate, you'll need it in this home office.

Get started today by speaking with a California Closets Tampa design consultant to create your ideal home office.