Closet Organizers Tacoma

The Tacoma closet organizers of California Closets have been part of the community for the past 25 years. They specialize in providing you with custom closets that are both beautiful and functional, without compromises in either department. Our array of products spans the entire house, including the garage, kitchen, pantry, bedroom, children’s room, home office, media center and more.

Tacoma Closet Organizers Are Designing a Better World

The foundation of our communities are the homes and families that compose it. When the house is in order, there are more harmonious relationships among the people who inhabit it. As closet organizers, we take pride in contributing to the community by bringing quality storage space to the highest level imaginable. What Tacoma closet organizers specialize in is making your environment more meaningful and more efficient.

Three decades ago, specialty closets were a rare breed; a craft for people in the know. California Closets transformed custom closets into a major industry. We believed in and still do believe in our customers' individuality, and with that as our motto, we were able to grow into an international company. California Closets remains the largest custom closets company in the world. By utilizing a franchise structure we are able to retain the local feel that is so important to our customers. And the fact that we have such a high retention rate of our customers is a badge of honor.

Now we provide access to world-class professional closet organizers in Tacoma and hundreds of other communities. Welcome to our family.

Tacoma Closet Organizers To Beautify Your Washington Home

Turning that lingering dream home into a reality is easier than ever. We truly offer something for everyone with an array of products that is unparalleled. The first step is meeting your Tacoma closet organizers by scheduling a private design consultation.