Ready for a Home Office?

Many Syracuse homeowners dreams of having a dedicated space to work in their home. California Closets specialized in helping Syracuse residents achieve this dream by working closely with you to design a home office that is perfectly suited to professional and home needs.

Pick the Right Color for Your Home Office

One of the most fun parts of designing your new home office is picking a design and color scheme. After all, colors are very important to the overall "mood" of a room, and your Syracuse home office should certainly have a good mood!

Here are some tips from our professional home office designers:

Colors can be expressive:
•    Blues are said to be imaginative and progressive
•    Yellow is cheerful and stimulating
•    Red is powerful and daring
•    Orange is adventurous and unique
•    Green is soothing and is said to help you think
•    Purple is ambitious and associated with royalty

Bright colors can be great, but unless you are experienced with wall colors, know that colors are more intense than they seem on a small color chip. You might want to move down the color card a shade or two lighter than your first choice. Also, just because they place a color on a swatch doesn’t mean it should ever be on a wall! Talk to your California Closets Syracuse home office design consultant about your color preferences. We'll help you through it.

Staying Motivated in your Home Office

There are many ways you can stay motivated and on track in your new Albany home office. Consider what inspires you and use that to encourage yourself every day. This manifests itself differently for everyone! For some, a piece of artwork of an exotic place they vacation is a motivator. For others, it’s a whiteboard or corkboard with goals, client thank you notes, and a mission statement. Some of us are motivated by family photos or fresh flowers each week. Find your personal driver and find a place in your new home office -- it will make your new home office even better!