Garage Storage for Syracuse Residents

Garages are often seen as the overflow area for sports gear, tools, pantry items, and seasonal storage. And maybe a vehicle or two. At California Closets Syracuse, we can help you create dedicated space for everything and make your garage storage highly organized and accessible. To that end, our garage storage designers would like to share several tips for Garage Storage organization.

3 Tips for Great Garage Storage

Use natural forces. Magnetism is a powerful natural tool that you can use in your garage storage system. Many California Closets garage storage organizers utilize this force to hold tools, gadgets, and pieces that tend to go missing.

Lock Up? Do you need to lock up certain items in your garage for security or safety? Talk to your California Closets garage storage specialist about installing a wall-mounted bin that can hold power tools, chemicals, or any other item that you need to keep locked up and out of children's reach.

Separate sports. Keep all sports equipment in one tidy place with a unit with netting for sports calls, metal shelves for dirty shoes and other loose gear, and hooks for holding baseball bats and other equipment.

Enjoy Better Garage Storage Today

Contact California Closets Syracuse to get started on a new garage storage system. You'll be as involved in the design and installation process as you want to be -- but one thing's for sure: you won't recognize your new organized garage space by the time it's done! If you're not thrilled with the garage storage results, we'll work until you are.