Closet Organizers Syracuse

Choosing the right closet organizer in Syracuse that will efficiently sort and fit all the clothes in your closet can be tricky. And while it's important not to buy so many clothes that they won't fit in your closet, you shouldn't have to think about the measurements of each section of your closet while shopping! Here's a short guide to choosing a closet organizer that fits your shopping habits.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Closet Organizer

Think about how often you shop.

Do you go just a few times a year and get a lot of clothes at once? Or do you pick up an item or two every week, while on your lunch break or waiting to pick up your pet from the veterinarian? Tell your California Closets Syracuse design consultant the frequency with which you shop for clothes, shoes, and other wardrobe items. They will use this information to select the type of closet organizer that is best.

Evaluate the quality of your wardrobe.

Do you tend to buy fewer unique designer items and more practical clothes, but have a higher turnover rate? Or is your wardrobe full of very expensive items that you take very good care of, and would be very upset if something got damaged? 

If the latter, choose a closet organizer that allows for more space to avoid cramming. Shoot for a minimum of 24 inches (two feet) of depth for hanging items in your Syracuse closet organizer, which will prevent suit jackets, dresses, and pants from hitting the back wall. Prolonged rubbing against a wall damages clothing, delicate or not. If preserving items is less important to you, but you have more volume to deal with, consider closed storage sections that are not at eye level, but in places that are easily accessible.