Closet Design Syracuse

Closet design has come a long way from tacky, prefabricated organizers and clear plastic tubs. California Closets Syracuse is leading the way in innovation and style with customized closet design to create an attractive space in your home that promotes order and function.

Reinvent Your Closet with Syracuse Closet Design

Bringing a sense of balance and beauty to your closet may seem like an overwhelming task requiring a team of junk haulers, personal organizers and architects. In reality, combining the multifaceted expertise of California Closet consultants and yourself is all it takes. Syracuse closet design starts and ends with you.

Pleasing to the Eye

Good design enhances any space. Don’t overlook the aesthetic possibilities a Syracuse closet design could bring to your home via customized color schemes, wood finishes, layouts and lighting. Display your favorite and most frequently used items with hangers, racks and vertical hooks while keeping off-season or unsightly items tucked away in specially designed boxes and bins.

Maximizing Space

Every closet is different, from walk-ins to reach-ins. End the cycle of wasted space with ill-fitting boxes and shelves with Syracuse closet design solutions specifically created for your closet. Make the most of the space you have with cleverly designed, expandable shelving, stackable boxes and baskets and innovative trays to hold accessories.

Instilling Order to A Large Wardrobe

There’s no denying Syracuse’s reputation for heavy snowfall, and all those heavy coats, hats, gloves and scarves take up significant room. With Syracuse closet design, control the puff and fluff of winter clothes with sturdy boxes and bins. Curtail wandering mittens and scarves with baskets and drawers tailor-made to fit your closet’s size.

Renew Your Space And Restore Order with Syracuse Closet Design

Don’t overlook your closet’s potential to be a beautiful, functional room. Update your closet with customized Syracuse closet design.