Wall Beds Surrey

There are many ways to utilize an extra bedroom in your home. Typically, people decide to turn a spare room into a guest room, sacrificing their desires for a home office or gym. With a wall bed from California Closets Surrey, you can maximize this extra space and have it meet your wants and needs. You can finally have a home gym or home office with the option of transforming the space into a bedroom!

Our Surrey Wall Beds Company Installs Comfort!

Typically, having guests means getting out the old air mattress or pulling out the couch bed. Both of these options can be a hassle and leave your guest with a not-so-comfortable night's sleep. A wall bed is a convenient way to put up your guests. With a few easy and convenient steps, you will have a real bed that will allow your guests to rest comfortably and not to mention, reduce stress for you too!

Our Surrey Wall Bed Team is Here to Help!

California Closets Surrey wall beds team has a wall bed to fit any style home and budget. Our team will fully customize the wall bed to fit your home! Our Surrey wall beds team work with top of the line materials and have a vast selection of styles and designs! Not only will the wall bed meet your design needs, but they are also safe and easy to operate. Many people think of pulling down a murphy bed as a complete hassle, but that is not the case with our wall beds! The process is quick and easy!

A California Closet Surrey Wall Bed Fits Anywhere!

Wall beds are not only meant for guest rooms. They work great in small apartments, allowing you to have a bedroom at night but a completely open living room by day! Our team can also conceal a wall bed with different options to help it blend in with the surrounding furniture.

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