Murphy Beds Surrey

Ever wanted to host guests for a weekend but didn’t have the spare rooms? Well now you can buy a spare guest room by installing Murphy beds in your Surrey home. They are beds that fold into the wall seamlessly and effortlessly, providing you with spatial flexibility. California Closets leads the way in solutions that save you space and give you more control over your own home.

Safe and Graceful Murphy Beds Surrey

Because Blow-Up Mattresses Are Not Enough

Once you are out of your twenties hosting guests on the couch or even on an inflatable mattress does not make the best impression. Ideally, you have a guest room where your friends can have privacy and a comfortable place to sleep. Unfortunately, guestrooms are not feasible in many parts of the city where space is limited. The growing trend in Surrey: Murphy beds. Take the home office media room and install a wall bed in it. When the bed is up no one will be able to tell the difference. When it is down, your guests will feel all the difference.

Safe and Graceful

Long gone are the days when wall beds make for a punch line in a silent film where someone gets trapped in the wall. Today, thanks to California Closets, Surrey Murphy beds are completely safe to operate. The modern mechanism makes lifting and lower simple and graceful. They are designed to blend into room when not in use, disguised as a closet system.

The Surrey Murphy Beds Revolution

When it comes to design that are a lot of trends that do not make sense. But that’s not with case with Murphy beds. Surrey residents are flocking to the useful devices because they save space and make a lot of practical sense.