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The Right Design for You

Closets are often overlooked as an area for home improvement.  A hanging rod and a couple of shelves, however, do not a good closet make.  A good closet makes positive use of every square inch of space, designed to create an area of both function and beauty.  California Closets is the Surfside closet company with decades of experience in doing exactly that.  It begins with precise measurements to determine the extent of your closet’s potential. Then a wide array of storage solutions is considered with your specific requirements and preferences always in mind.  Closet organizers, adjustable shelving, stackable bins and boxes, and shoe fencing are just a few of the many options that can be chosen from.  California Closets is well-known for the top materials and superb craftsmanship that then bring the design to fruition.

A Look You’ll Love

Your new closets should be attractive as well as practical, and with this Surfside closet company you’ll have the pleasure of exercising your designer’s eye by choosing from a host of colors, materials and accents to complement your home’s décor.  You’ll even have the ability to see the proposed design as a 3-D generated picture, giving you a chance to make final changes and improvements.

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It’s time to make dramatic upgrades in your home’s storage areas.  You, and your closets, deserve it.