Closet Systems Sunny Isles

Residents of Sunny Isles are becoming intimately familiar with the concept of limited space as more newcomers arrive to the tiny island each year. The Sunny Isles city planners are surely debating the “how do we make more space out of less space” question, a question the design professionals at California Closets Sunny Isles face every day. Our designers create locally-produced Sunny Isles closet systems to fit every home and lifestyle.

The Value of Local Sunny Isles Closet Systems

Recognizing the diversity of our tiny island, we have created closet systems solutions to fit every type of customer. Our closet systems are never out-of-the-box or turnkey solutions, instead they are always customized to fit your space, your lifestyle and your budget.  First, you must begin the free design consultation process on the website or over the phone.

We strongly believe in customer service and attention to detail, which is why we place such importance on the free in-home design consultation.  It is during the consultation that we work with our clients to settle on the perfect solution that fits their needs.  Usually, we begin with a walk through of the house, where our clients voice their organizational pain points and areas in need of improvement.  Then, our design consultant presents a few options geared towards solving the storage issue.

With our locally-made Sunny Isles closet systems, we can have complete control over the outcome of the project.  While the client can control and change the overall design of the closet systems, they can also choose the wood type, and wood finish.  This level of personalization is unmatched by any competitors producing custom Sunny Isles closet systems.

Sunny Isles Closet Systems Deliver More For Less

The design specialists at California Closets Sunny Isles will make sure that the path to home organization and peace of mind is clear and easy for our clients.  We are committed to upholding our reputation for customer service and design excellence in each of the homes in which we work.  Start the free in-home design consultation today--See you soon!