Wall Beds Suffolk County

When friends and family come into town unexpectedly, you may find yourself incredibly overwhelmed. You often end up sacrificing on comfort simply to create much needed space. There’s a better way to keep everyone happy, without shuttling back and forth to the nearest hotel. California Closets is pleased to offer our Suffolk County wall beds for people who love to have visitors, or who just need a little extra space. Perhaps you require an extra bedroom but aren’t willing to lose your office space. Or maybe you’d just like to free up square footage during the day when your bed isn’t in use. No matter what your needs, California Closets is the company that can meet them with wall beds Suffolk County.

The Perfect Sleeping Arrangement

You Wont Believe The Comfort

These wall beds Suffolk County aren’t your average model; each bed maintains the California Closets standard for excellence. Our unique mattress technology ensures that you and your guests will never experience the discomfort often associated with a wall bed or couch fold out. Everyone will rest easy with the knowledge that you’ve chosen a convenient and comfortable wall bed for your home. These beds can be blended effortlessly into your home design using materials from the California Closets collection. Choose from a myriad of colors, wood tones and hardware to get the style of wall bed you prefer.

Not Your Grandparents' Wall Beds

Never again will you have to sacrifice space, or design, with wall beds Suffolk County. Leave behind the traditional image of what a wall bed used to be. Our wall beds are as innovative and unexpectedly wonderful as you please. Create a shelving unit when your bed is not in use, or utilize our “roll out” style bed from beneath a desk area.

Divine Wall Beds Suffolk County

There is an ongoing list of ways to incorporate your wall beds Suffolk County. Let’s get started! Call California Closet for a complimentary in-home consultation today.