Closet Design Suffolk County

In the world of closet design there is only one king. California Closets introduced the idea of custom closets for everyone over 30 years ago and since then has remained the industry’s innovator. Ask anyone in Suffolk County – closet design is synonymous with California Closets. For more luxurious and stylish home, begin customizing your home.

How Suffolk County Does Closet Design

It is personal from the get-go: when you contact the company for a free consultation, a designer comes to visit you at your home. Immediately, you two get down to business and discuss how upgraded storage can help fight off clutter and make your house a more welcoming environment. Likely, you have seen the success in the neighbor’s house in Suffolk County where the closet design was truly transformative.

The designer’s role is twofold at this point: to understand your needs and wants, and to study the storage space in question and figure out how to extract the maximum out of every square inch.

Once they are done, they program all the information gathered into the computer, crafting various virtual scenarios for the project. You will be able to digitally visit the project and make adjustments as you go. Want a different shade for the trim on the closet system? Want more drawers and fewer shelves? No problem – try it all out on screen.

The project is near completion at this point. Finalize the closet design for your Suffolk County home and then the blueprints will be sent to the nearby factory for fabrication.

Last Step: Installation of the Closet Design Suffolk County

The California Closets technical teams have a strong reputation for friendliness and professionalism. They get the job done in less than a day’s work and create zero intrusion as they install the closet design in your Suffolk County house.