What She Wanted

Jana Sutter, a single mother with a vivacious 6-year-old, was in need of closets that would provide relief during rushed mornings. Her daughter, Allsbrooke, couldn’t reach the clothing or shoes in her closet, so Jana had to build in time to help her daughter get dressed. Meanwhile, Jana’s own closet was so full that she couldn’t really see anything, so she often purchased duplicates of items she already owned.

Jana considered a DIY closet improvement, but realized it might take months and may not achieve her desired result. So she turned to California Closets Orlando to transform her and her daughter’s closets.

Story Video
California Closets client Janna Sutter's disorganized closet before installation

How we did it

Wary of the renovation process, which had always felt intrusive, Jana was instantly at ease with her California Closets design consultant, Carolina Beier. But Jana wasn’t the only customer won over by Carolina—Allsbrooke was a big fan, too.

It was like we already knew each other. I felt really comfortable with Carolina coming into our environment. She realized that my daughter needed to be a part of the process right away. So, she let my daughter help design her closet, even to the point where she was picking out wood colors and moving things around.

Jana Sutter

With Carolina’s help, Jana saw the potential in once “terrible” spaces to be both beautiful and efficient. Together, they collaborated on creating functional and attractive spaces that were easy to access and gave both Jana and Allsbrooke a sense of closet ownership.

It's just such a huge time saver for me and
I can’t even tell you how much that means.

Final Result

Recognizing the unique needs of both mother and daughter, Carolina brought organization and clarity to an energetic household, reining in loose playthings and—in Jana’s case—eliminating her need for duplicate purchases.

With budding plans to apply the California Closets touch to both her laundry room and her playroom, Jana is relishing the newfound freedom that two fully functional closets have offered both her and her daughter.

Now that Allsbrooke can actually reach her clothes, she loves getting ready every morning. I was so proud the first day that she came out of her room fully dressed, we had a dance party in the kitchen. I hugged her, picked her up and twirled her around—now we do that every morning.

Design Details


Lago® Milano Grey

Tesoro™ Tuscan Moon

Hardware & Accessories

Extruded matte aluminum handles

Matte aluminum knobs

Tilt-out hamper with two canvas bags

Slide-out valet rods at custom lower height

Cleat with Elite belt and coat hooks, all custom height for her daughter's accessibility

Birch drawer dividers

Acrylic shelf dividers & jewelry drawer divider

Fabric storage boxes

Pull-out mirror

Slide-out valet rod, scarf rack, belt rack, and tie rack


Decorative fascia and base molding

Fascia front-mounted to ceiling and continuous base molding; lower height for hanging poles for daughter's accessibility

Acrylic shelf dividers

Slanted shelves with shoe fences

*Note: product availability may vary by location

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