What She Wanted

When Teresa Niss and her husband downsized from their six-bedroom colonial of 15 years, the need for ample storage space in their new Odenton, MD, home became paramount. The pair had successfully made the move with fewer belongings, but they still required storage for the essentials — and their new home just didn’t offer enough.

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Teresa Niss Commercial Client Story California Closets Baltimore

How we did it

Teresa describes her decision to contact California Closets Baltimore as a no-brainer — her children had installed closets in their own homes, and so Teresa was familiar with the product and the process. Eager to kickstart her own project, Teresa collaborated with California Closets design consultant Bridgette Meushaw to breathe new life into her closet space.

Bridgette was so insightful. It was like she was able to get into our heads and see what we wanted.

Now, everything from sun hats to sandals has a dedicated space in Teresa’s master closet — the shelves are adjustable to match each item’s size and shape. Even Teresa’s two hampers can be effortlessly tucked away to conceal laundry and create more space, affording the closet a heightened level of efficiency and visual appeal.

I’ve learned that if you maximize a space, you can fit a lot more in it — and that’s what California Closets gives you.

Final Result

In addition to offering more room to roam, Teresa’s new master closet provides an unexpected benefit to everyday life — a heightened sense of calm.

I love that I can open the closet, everything is where it needs to be, and it looks great. Everything is right at my fingertips, which makes me feel very comfortable and very happy.

Design Details


Lago® Adriatic Mist

Hardware & Accessories:

Brushed Aluminum decorative hardware

Fluted hanging poles

Pull-out valet rod

Tilt-out hamper


Slab drawer fronts

*Note: product availability may vary by location

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