What She Wanted

Maria Knight, a Scottsdale resident with a career in radio, describes her husband as meticulous and herself as decidedly less so. Her dirty clothing on the floor, for example, was a frequent pain point for the couple. Jokingly, Maria claimed that her husband was prepared to “toss her out with her dirty clothes” by the time that she asked California Closets Phoenix design consultant Allison Newland for help creating a more organized shared closet space.

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How we did it

Allison walked Maria through all of the different design options—from hardware to glass and everything in between. She even measured the clothes in Maria’s closet; as she is 6’1, Maria required slightly higher-than-average hanging space.

I could call her and say, ‘Oh gosh, I don't know what to do with [insert problem here],’ and she would drive over in her spare time to help out. She really took a vested interest in me and my family—I feel like that’s what sets her apart.

Maria Knight

When Maria revealed her addiction to sunglasses, Allison created a dedicated space for all 40 pairs. She even suggested an organized display for Maria’s lanyard collection—treasured keepsakes from concerts past.

When I walked into our finished closet,
I think I heard harps and angels singing.

Final Result

Now more neat than ever, Maria praises California Closets for having “saved her marriage.”
All playfulness aside, however, creating a more functional closet space has had an enormous impact on Maria’s day-to-day routine—especially as it tends to begin at 3 a.m.with her radio career.

When I stand in my new closet I look around and I am more comfortable because I feel more put together. Everything is in its place—I start my day feeling calm.

Design Details


Lago® Capri and Sorrento

Hardware & Accessories

Oil-rubbed bronze decorative hardware

Fluted hanging poles

Pull-out valet rod, tie rack and belt rack

Cleats with double hooks

Wire baskets

Acrylic sunglass trays

*Note: product availability may vary by location

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