What She Wanted

For Mallory P., a first-time homeowner and teacher in Calgary, Alberta, opting for a new-build home meant she could design a closet that closely reflected both her needs and her style — in other words, a closet that complemented her perfectly. The only problem? Mallory wasn’t sure where to start. So, she turned to California Closets Calgary design consultant LiShelle Trembath to help her design a stylish, orderly space.

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California Closets Client Story Mallory Before the Renovations

How we did it

Mallory’s closet now has plenty of storage for a wide range of accessories, from pull-out, microsuede -lined jewelry drawers to smart shelving for her handbags. LiShelle also pinpointed opportunities for minor but useful refinements, such as pull-out racks for hanging scarves and necklaces, and a pull-out valet rod. There, next to a full-length mirror, Mallory can hang her outfit for the following day — a simple tactic that helps her remain on time for her students.

LiShelle made an effort to get to know me — and my style. One of the most surprising things is how elegant the closet looks. Every time I walk in, it looks brand new.

Seeing my closet makes me feel proud. When I first saw it, I had that moment where I finally felt like, ‘This is home'.

Final Result

Mallory’s custom space now allows for a more seamless start to every morning — a significant improvement that impacts her entire day, helping her feel more focused, calm, and in control of her classroom. Just as importantly, the closet is completely personalized; Mallory helped select features such as patterned wallpaper in a soothing blend of silver and white, and matching silver hardware throughout to make the space feel even more cohesive.

Design Details


Classic White with Lago®

Adriatic Mist drawer fronts

Hardware & Accessories:

Customer supplied Polished Chrome handles

Fluted hanging poles

Pull-out mirror

Pull-out hamper

Pull-out valet rod

Pull-out scarf rack

Pull-out tie rack for necklaces

Microsuede Jewelry drawer insert

Angled shelves with shoe fences


Slab drawer fronts

*Note: product availability may vary by location

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