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A Fresh Space Paves Way for Clean Living: Jan’s Story

client: Jan Hirlinger

location: Cincinnati, OH

design consultant: LauraLee Kavanagh

A Fresh Space Paves Way for Clean Living: Jan’s Story

What She Wanted

After 30 years in their home, empty nesters Jan Hirlinger and her husband decided that it was time for a change. Jan, who had struggled with a too-small closet all the while, knew exactly what type of change the couple could use.

Having decided to enlarge their current closet, Jan still needed help designing a space that was capable of housing all their belongings, and in an orderly fashion. Contacting California Closets, Jan recalls, was a “no-brainer.”

I’ve never had a walk-in closet—and I needed a walk-in closet! We no longer wanted furniture in our bedroom. We wanted clean living. So, we decided to put everything in one space.

Jan Hirlinger
Story Video
Jan Hilinger Client Story - California Closets Cincinnati, 2018

How we did it

Jan turned to California Closets Cincinnati designer LauraLee Kavanagh to help take her cluttered room to task. Though Jan was unsure if her “all-in-one-space” dream was doable, LauraLee surprised her with solutions she hadn’t thought of.

LauraLee went to work maximizing every inch of the newly expanded space, adding features such as a smart shelving system and a ballet rack for scarves and ties. Even the installation process was seamless.

I wanted to be able to do everything in my closet. Since I’m a hairstylist, I wanted a blow dryer. She said, ‘We can make that happen.’ She had a better vision for my closet than I knew was possible.

Jan Hilinger

When the installer arrived, he took off his shoes, laid out a tarp, and after he was done, he vacuumed. I wouldn’t even have known he was there.

Jan Hirlinger

Final Result

Jan, who arranges her clothing by color, was more than satisfied with the result. Not only was she able to part ways with her bedroom furniture, her new closet affords total visibility—and there’s still room for more.

I need an organized life. My closet brings me simplicity. When I enter my closet, I can find things in an instant. That saves me time, and time is my most valuable commodity.

Jan Hirlinger

Design Details


Classic White

Hardware & Accessories:

Polished Chrome handles and poles


Slab drawer fronts

*Note: product availability may vary by location

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