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A 100-Year-Old Closet Gets an Upgrade: Brad & Jamie’s Story

client: Jamie Neldner & Brad Traynor

location: Minneapolis, MN

design consultant: Brandy Ward

A 100-Year-Old Closet Gets an Upgrade: Brad & Jamie’s Story

What They Wanted

For six years, Jamie Neldner and Brad Traynor had been hard at work updating the 100-year-old bungalow they call home. Times had changed, and the design-minded couple needed smarter storage space than the bungalow’s original occupants.

Time and time again, Brad and Jamie had called upon California Closets Minneapolis design consultant Brandy Ward to develop clever storage solutions. Now, the couple was ready to create a makeshift closet for their attic-turned-bedroom. Since the bedroom wasn’t fit for a closet, Brad and Jamie decided to optimize the closet in a spare bedroom. But first, it needed a little love.

We learned really quickly that California Closets could see [opportunities for] storage and organization that we couldn’t see.

Brad Traynor
Story Video
Jamie Brad Client Story Before the Transformation Cluttered Closet Space

How we did it

Brandy helped the couple identify an approach they’d both be on board with. Jamie is ultra-organized and has a love for all things vintage. Brad, on the other hand, describes himself as more modern—and maybe a little bit messy. With Brandy’s help, Brad and Jamie were able to tap into the closet’s full potential both spatially and stylistically

Meanwhile, soft lighting, sleek hardware, and a pull-out bar add to the closet’s overall ambiance. So much so, in fact, that Brad likens getting dressed to “shopping at J. Crew.”

Brandy is really good at listening to both of our needs, whether it's the styling or the level of organization. It’s just nice to have a mediator to guide you down that path.

Jamie Neldner

I'm not an organized person, but there’s literally a space for everything. So, when I come home, I put my coat where it needs to go and my shoes where they need to go. It sounds silly, but it’s true.

Brad Traynor

Final Result

Having reached a point with Brandy at which he felt comfortable handing over the reins, Jamie was not at all surprised to discover that the new space was a perfect fit. But he was still delighted.

As for Brad, the showroom-worthy closet has helped him to hone new habits (much, he says, to Jamie’s delight).

It's so efficient, simple, and clean. I love all of that. Life is chaotic, right? But if you can have organization as a foundation, it just simplifies the day-to-day.

Jamie Neldner

Design Details


Tesoro™ Ash

Hardware & Accessories:

Polished Chrome fluted pole

Pull-out tie rack

Cleat-mount belt and tie hooks


*Note: product availability may vary by location

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