Storage Organizers: All Shapes & Sizes

Like Abraham Lincoln said, you can organize some of your life all the time, all of your life some of the time, but you can't organize all of your life all of the time. Well, he didn't quite say that, but you get the idea. And his wife probably would have, had she been given the stage.

As with everything else, you have to prioritize when it comes to organization. Thre are so many different types of storage organizers; how do you know which is most important?

What kind of storage organizers do YOU need?

Take this short quiz to find out.

Storage Organizers Question #1

I feel MOST frustrated when...
A. There's a teeny bit of stir-fry left, and I have nowhere to put it
B. I can't find my nude lip gloss
C. My husband asks me what I did with his power tools -- as if!
D. I open the kitchen drawer and a stack of old mail falls out

Storage Organizers Question #2

When window shopping, I am most drawn in by...
A. The 700-watt Cuisinart blender on display at Williams Sonoma
B. A sample sale for designer handbags
C. An enormous pyramid of stackable cubes for large-item clutter
D. A poster about a new small business discount at Staples

Storage Organizers Question #3

A major home disaster occurred last week when...
A. I made a cake for a dinner party and it fell out onto our car floor on the way there
B. My house keys somehow ended up in the washing machine
C. My mother-in-law informed me I can no longer keep our ski equipment in her shed
D. Our kids accidentally used my husband's legal brief as a coloring book

Storage Organizers Quiz: The Key (To Your Storage Problems!)

If you answered A to most of these questions, you are a foodie! The kitchen is your domain, and whether you're feeding an extended family of 12 at a holiday gathering or packing a healthy lunch for the office, food storage is your priority. After you conquer the kitchen with a California Closets solution, go have fun shopping for storage organization containers of all shapes and sizes!

If you answered B to most of these questions, you need some personal storage organizers. Buy purses with lots of pockets (and use them!) and set apart dedicated space in your home for important small items. California Closets' entryway storage solutions often include a place for keys and other items you use when leaving the house.

If you answered C, you are struggling with some large-scale organization problems. Don't rely on your family to help you deal with big items in the garage, attic, patio, or playroom. California Closets can help you find the storage organizers that will do the job.

If you answered D, you are document crazy! Well, at least interested in keeping all of your papers in order. It's important to you to know exactly where to find the right document at the right time -- no mix-ups. The solution? Customized storage organizers! A filing cabinet or set of drawers could fit into a larger home library system, or simply as a standalone piece in your basement, family room, kitchen, or bedroom.