Stone Oak Custom Closets

Are you ready to depart with domestic clutter? Do you want to make you home more hospitable and welcoming than ever? Do you have aspirations for gorgeous interior design? California Closets Stone Oak can help with custom closets than will transform you home and your life.

The Stone Oak Custom Closets Approach

The way California Closets Stone Oak designs its products is similar to the method used throughout the company but it will nevertheless have a local feel. Perhaps it is the personal touch Texans are so known for, but in any case, it is the working relationship between designer and customer upon which the success of the project depends. 

The two work together to harness the talents and resources of the former to inspiration and concrete needs of the latter. In the initial consultation, the two discuss the goals for the project, and how the current storage space is underperforming. The designer also assesses the physical dimensions of the space so that the custom closets can be built into the Stone Oak house’s internal structure. 

Translating the conversations into the language if the computer-aided design is the next step. Mapped out virtually on the computer screen, the customer is able to experiment with the closet design and adjust any aspect, from the color to the configuration. Stone Oak custom closets clients love this step because it gives them ultimate agency.

From the Drawing Board to Execution

Finally, with the customer seal of approval, the plans for custom closets in their Stone Oak home can proceed to the next stage. The local factory will fabricate the closets and precisely because it happens locally, the designer has a large measure of control over the outcome. Now, all is left is installation. California Closets prides itself on the quick and unobtrusive technical teams its employs.